Детский хореографический ансамбль коллектив Ритмы Века

костюм Ангел The troupe regularly takes part in the cultural life of the city and performs on the biggest stages of Saint-Petersburg (The Big Concert Hall Oktyabrsky, Ice Palace, Music-Hall and others).

RYTHMS OF THE CENTURY is composed of more than 100 children aged 3 to 13 who make up several groups. The youngest group is for children aged 3 and 4, the second group is for those whose age ranges from 5 to 7 years old, and there is a teenage group for children over 11. Young dancers study and practice different styles of dance - classical, modern (with elements of acrobatics and stretching), folk dance and the unique original Russian dance style which is a combination of folk games and dance at the same time.

The repertoire of the ballet dance group numbers more than 20 dances, some of them have become very famous both in Russia and abroad.

The troupe has had concerts together with the most famous children's bands and choirs of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad region and is always eager for new kinds of creative collaboration.

The troupe has been on many concert tours in Russia and abroad. Dance-lovers in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland and some other countries know this dance group very well. Many of these tours have garnered us prizes for victories at Russian and International Festivals.


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